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Friday, April 13, 2012

The State of Minecraft

It's been a long run for Minecraft and it's still kicking. I had expected the game to have already been long dead after 1.00 yet it keeps getting updates and bug fixes. Some of the newest updates have really added some game changers to Minecraft. First of all, the villages have been given a nice work-over. Villages now come with iron golems that protect the village. Villagers now have children and repopulate the town. They will also move into new buildings as the player makes them, which makes for a great time waster. Second we have new mobs and biomes that make the game more interesting. The jungle biome being the newest addition adds ocelots which can be tamed. When tamed, the ocelots become house cats that will sit on your furniture and be a nuisance.

The villages are one of my favorite things in Minecraft these days. You can build  houses, shops, or anything you can imagine and villagers will occupy the buildings. I have started a project to make a somewhat advanced city for them in hopes to modernize their living situation. I also heard that in the next updates to come we will finally get to trade with villagers! One of the other things I really enjoy in Minecraft these days is multiplayer. Multiplayer has gotten a lot better, whether it be bug fixes, optimization, or just more user friendliness, it has certainly been changed for the best.

Some of the more recent updates include the new height limit, which makes the buildable area of the world twice as high as before. With the new height limit there have been some amazing new buildings made. New chat features such as link sharing also make the multiplayer experience more fun as well. New decoration blocks such as smooth sand-stone blocks and creeper sand-stone blocks have made an appearance as well. All in all Minecraft has improved greatly since official release and continues to get better. With the upcoming mod api I'm excited to see what cool new game experiences awaits us!

You can view all the changes to Minecraft at the following link: