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Monday, February 21, 2011

Official Minecraft Update one tuesday.

     It may be old news to some, but On Tuesday Notch and Team will be rolling out a new Minecraft update that will add tons of new content to the game This time they are going to be adding a feature many people have been requesting. Beds; you can now craft a bed to sleep in and skip night time (possibly even day time) so that you can get more things done, and you feel less likely to quit the game during night time. There has also been rumor that new water mobs, such as sharks and jelly fish may be added. There will also be new half-step blocks such as wood, cobble stone and others. Finally there will be lots of secret stuff not yet mentioned. for a full list of confirmed updates you should check out the Minecraft forum thread here:
Minecraft 1.3 Update Confirmed


  1. I'm sooo excited for the beds. I'll feel comfortable taking it off of peaceful so I can sleep through nights instead of hiding inside. haha.

  2. awesome! i feel like ive waited for ages haha

  3. Loooks like its gonna be awesome. :D