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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update delayed

Who am I? Notch? Why is the update delayed? Well much like notch I am a poor coder. (not really)
I have implemented KATANAH in the game! problem is that I made armor that doesn't render! I also changed the recipe for the blocks, they now require paper and sticks for the walls, and for the roofs 3 clay balls, which I figure is fair, and makes use of the items that have limited uses. in the mean time enjoy this katana.

And yes, that's bridget.
Suggestions are always welcome.


  1. Groovy. Delayed for better content works for me. haha.

  2. Also, I particularly like the use of paper for the walls. Gives it a use other than books, finally.

  3. This is looking so good now, when are you going to let us have it!?